Untitled Triptych

"Photography is just another way of applying material"- James Welling.  
Materiality within photography is the core behind my project. I am stripping photography down to its fundamentals and seeing these elements as materials. The treatment of these materials is something I am keen to challenge, they don't have to be used purely for the printing process, but can be the core to the work. 


I am working with Cameraless photography to paint with photographic chemicals. The chemigram process allows me to create work using photographic materials but pushing them beyond something which appears photographic. Chemigrams in particular, allows me to create work which sits between photography and painting. Through using expired paper, it pushes the outcome of the work beyond what appears photographic and resembles something closer to painting. 

I aim to challenge our notions of what a photograph is and how we create them. Part of this is the mediums heavy link to portraying a "true" reality, whereas cameraless images are seen as being non-representational. However, the work becomes a representation of itself and the process in which it was made.