My practice focuses on cameraless photography, showcasing a form of photography which is generally overlooked. I aim to challenge our notions of what a photograph is and how we create them through exploring the boundary between photography and other art disciplines, primarily painting.



        Struck by Light. (online exhibition) Hundred Heroines


        2021 Struck by Light. 21st- 31st June. Valid World Hall, Barcelona. 




          Suddenly Last Summer. 28th September- 30th November. The Gallery, Arts University Bournemouth

          Fabricate. 4th-8th July 2019. Free Range, Old Truman Brewery, London

          BA Summer Show. 13th- 22nd June. Lower Gallery Arts University Bournemouth


          BEAF 4th-12th May. The Royal Arcade, Boscombe
          Generate 23rd-26th April. BUMF, Arts University Bournemouth


          that from a long way off look like flies Seventeen Gallery, London, United Kingdom

2016 Prep HE Summer Show. Arts University Bournemouth, Bournemouth, United Kingdom

2014 The National Students' Art Exhibition. Mall Galleries, London, United Kingdom



       Emilie Poiret-Brown- Facture. Nov 10 OUTLAST JOURNAL

        Artist Feature. The Social Distance Art Project

        Issue 101 Open Theme. 1st July. F-Stop
        Instagram Takeover. 13th- 16th January. Photograd

        Cameraless. September 2019. Online Exhibition. Analog Forever

'They are Boundaryless, playful, disruptive, inquisitive, conceptual, camera less, lens based, process based, additive, alternative and very contemporary and fantastically NOW'. Hundred Heroines
2019 The Anne Corkett Prize for Photography
'Ever present in the darkroom, Emilie has demonstrated a commitment to the analogue process, materiality and reflexivity, culminating in a series of works involving gesture and the limits of mark making as defined by the body. Performing the image, Emilie has successfully positioned the photograph in connection to performance and painting. The level of ambition and engagement demonstrated throughout three years of study is evident in the final body of work, consisting of 16 finished pieces.'
2019 First Class (Hons) Photography: Arts University Bournemouth